Introducing Young Creatives

We are so thrilled to announce the launch of our In the Making Young Creatives program. Our goal of the Young Creatives program is to help mentor youth who are interested in turning their ideas and love of creating into a successful business.  The first Young Creative is 14-year-old Kendall Custer who knits wearables such as hats, as well as bags and kitchen essentials.  Kendall began knitting around the age of 8 when a family friend first got Kendall and her mother, Deanna, interested in loom knitting. The family friend eventually got Kendall her first loom knitting set for Christmas and she’s been doing it ever since, along with a variety of other crafting including sewing, scrapbooking, wood working, finger and needle knitting, and more.

As part of the Young Creatives program, Kendall was given a market space free of charge and will sell her items at our Holiday Old House Vintage Market.  “Even as an adult, starting a business — and putting yourself out there as an artist — can be intimidating. It’s hard to know where to even start to make it successful, so to have that ambition as a teenager is really special,” said OHVM Founder Bernadette Rankin. “Our vendors have decades of success between them and are so encouraging of each other and newcomers, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to invite a Young Creative into the fold to help foster her growth as a creator and business owner.”

Kendall’s and her parents are no strangers to craft shows and are regular shoppers at them. And ever since she started knitting, Kendall wanted to become a vendor.  “Kendall has wanted to participate in a craft show every year, but the booth space was too expensive for a young kid,” said her mother Deanna. “When Bernadette contacted us, Kendall was ecstatic.”


As the OHVM Young Creative, Kendall will get assistance in marketing, setting up a market/store front, display techniques, customer service, and the technical and financial side of selling.  Deanna said Kendall has prepared for the OHVM by researching what other vendors sell, how they price and how they set up booths when she visits other markets and is using that knowledge to prepare for her first time as a vendor. Kendall has learned how much time goes in to crafting enough items to have stock to sell and has already had success selling baby hats at her family’s garage sale.  “Kendall is hoping to learn how to calculate what goes into making the product and then price the product accordingly, then learn to turn a profit and use that to purchase more materials to make more product,” Deanna said. “She wants to be able to use some of her profit to purchase more supplies and wants to contribute the rest to our family vacation to Hawaii next year.”

Written by Jacquelyn Gutc of Magpie Media LLC

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