Secrets To Becoming An Old House Vintage Market Vendor


As we gear up to make our Vendor Applications ready for Vendors to apply, we wanted to give potential applicants the inside track to being successful at becoming a part of the Old House Vintage Market Family…

If you want to be competitive, as a Vendor Applicant for an upcoming Old House Vintage Market, here are a few things we suggest you do or start doing immediately…and we have to warn you that the below suggestions are very much in the tone of a Business Coach…so get ready for some valuable info and be ready to work!

Get on social media

You MUST be present and active on Social Media.  Well, you certainly don’t have to, but we have now made it a requirement that your creative business is either on Facebook or Instagram.

Why?  Plainly put: You are doing your business a disservice if you are not present/active on social media.  Except for the time, energy and effort involved, it is free marketing and advertising for your business and we will do everything we can to push your presence out in front of our 12,000+ Facebook and 9,000+ Instagram Followers.

We also ask that all of our Vendors promote their participation in the OHVM.  Gone are the days of showing up at a show or market and having little to no involvement in the outcome of the event.  Every vendor can contribute and if we all do, we are building a localized viral effect that can work wonders.   We ALL want to have a good show- follow our lead in doing things a bit differently and we will.

Let’s get to work!

Not on social media yet?  Let us help!  Here are some trusted resources:

Start a BUSINESS Facebook Page:

Start a BUSINESS Instagram Page:

Don’t know what to post once you’ve started your business Facebook and Instagram accounts?  Here are a few Facebook and Instagram accounts to study…and remember *find your own voice* DO NOT COPY what these businesses are doing but instead, use them as a guide to finding your own way in which you tell the world about your beloved business!

Old Cottonwood:

Liz Marie Galvan

Create Good

Build your display skills

Go to boutiques, stores, other area markets and study how those vendors do what they do.  Research on Pinterest by typing in “Retail Displays” to see countless examples. Approach your efforts towards getting into any market in this way and you will not fail.  Retail display is a skill that you need to train yourself on because the payoff will be better sales.  It also means that no matter where your space is within the layout of an event, if your merchandise and display is top notch, the customers will seek you out and hand over the dollar bills.  Yes, it truly does.  Start now.  Here’s how:

Go study these brick and mortar shops, social media accounts:

An Actual Brick and Mortar Shop:


Online Shops:

Found Cottage on Facebook: and on Instagram:

Social Media accounts:

Brooklyn Finds Designs

Liz Marie Galvan

Teach yourself cellphone photography

We need to see amazing pictures of your merchandise, your display skills and how you would set up your market space, overall.  If the pictures you’re sending with your application to us are not so good, we can only judge your business by those pictures.  If you are just starting out- set up a display in your driveway or living room.  The worst thing you can do is not include any pictures, at all, in your application.  Your application will be disregarded if there are no pictures to be found because we have nothing we can use to gauge if you will be an amazing addition to the OHVM.

Your customers also want to see beautiful pictures of your merchandise and display.  Start now by learning how to use your cellphone camera and how to edit your pictures- it will pay off amazingly well in the growth of social media engagement and sales!

…and just to let you in on a little secret:  almost every picture on the Old House Vintage Market Facebook and Instagram Pages are taken with our iPhones.  Yes, seriously.  We own big Digital SLR cameras, but our cellphones are always in our hands and because of that we are always taking pictures the easiest way possible- by way of our phones.  Not feeling like a cellphone picture taking pro?  No time like the present!

Beginner’s Guide to iPhone Photography:  Click here

Have a good track record

Your history at other markets and how you treat the public, fellow vendors and the market organizers is everything.   Respect and kindness is an expectation at every event.   Don’t make the mistake of taking to social media or a blog to drag market owners, customers or vendors through the proverbial mud in posts, in Facebook Groups (they aren’t ever private), in snarky comments or in reviews.  Don’t gossip or complain about the market- as you’re selling at the very same market- to fellow vendors or customers.  Instead, insist on holding your business to a high standard and have a professional conversation by ironing out your differences with the person you have a problem with in a respectful manner.  This approach will get you far and, incidentally, invited back.

Start your Day One making respect a requirement of how you conduct your business and you’ll be golden…and not banned from quality markets.

Be serious

Your business started out of an interest that grew into a love and more than likely that love grew to be a passion.  Once that passion consumed you, it became a little more official until you planted your flag and made it a real business.  It’s okay if you’re still somewhere within this process and still thinking about declaring your passion a business, but if you own a business and you’re telling the world “I have a business!”  be all in with your effort to present a professional business.  More on this huge topic later, but…

In regards to the Old House Vintage Market, we feature serious creative businesses.  This means that each OHVM Vendor is expected to come into the market setting up a market space that is the equivalent of a temporary upscale retail boutique.  We are not a yard sale and our Vendors are not craft/collecting hobbyists.  Our Vendors are actual business owners with a legal business name and licenses that grant them the right to sell merchandise.  Vendors’ efforts in everything they do are absolutely at a professional level which sets the OHVM apart because of our high standards.

Speaking of high standards…

Again, you don’t have to aim for our high standards…but if you want to be a part of something special, take the time to get on social media, learn how to use your cellphone camera, build your display skills, create a good reputation and be serious about your business.  If you can put in the extra effort, we promise, it will pay off not just for your place with the Old House Vintage Market but for any event in which you are applying to be a vendor!  Wooohooo! You can do it! Now, get to work!


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