The Old House Vintage Market Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry


Welcome to our gift guide for those that love jewelry- and not just any jewelry but specific unique twist…

Anne Franklin Designs is mostly known for her jewelry but did you know she is so very talented when it comes to handlettering?  So, when we saw that owner, Anne Franklin, was combining her handlettering and jewelry together to create wearable art… We. Were. Sold…and you should be, as well.

Storytelling Strands‘ founder Barbara McReynolds has created a boutique business that showcases “earth’s jewelry box where each story originates from history and has a story to tell.”  Barb uses raw minerals, crystals, gems, and other natural elements that are genuine and artful, earthy and soulful and when put on a strand and worn as jewelry?   The outcome: a finishing touch to your wardrobe and a conversation piece that tells a story, every time.

Liberty House Jewelry is handcrafted jewelry and accessories made with recycled ammo, vintage hardware, old postage/postmarks, old road maps, & anything else that inspires owner, Lisa Kohman.  And her business name?  “Liberty House Jewelry” came from our historic 1900 home located on Liberty Road in rural Great Bend, Kansas. Soon after our purchase and restoration of our stately home, our friends and family began referring to it as “Liberty House.”

Dolce di Leti certainly features the sweet spot that we all look for in the jewelry we choose to wear- dainty, imperfect pearls, the colorful tassel paired with a contrasting stone- both equally colorful and powerful in the personality of the piece as a whole.  You never knew there was a science to beauty, did you?  Beautiful, indeed.

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