November 8 & 9, 2019

Holiday Old House Vintage Market Vendor Application

First National Bank Building, The Ranch Events Complex, Loveland, Colorado

Please make note of our refund policy!  Please be ready to commit to being an Old House Vintage Market Vendor BEFORE you fill out your application!

What am I committing to when I sign up for an Old House Vintage Market?

As a potential Old House Vintage Market Vendor, you are committing to:

  • Bringing the best possible merchandise
  • Creating the best market space and display possible
  • Spreading the word about your involvement in the market on social media, your website and email marketing
  • Being supportive of your fellow vendors
  • Being polite and courteous to our customers
  • Acting with integrity

Please make note of our REFUND/CREDITS POLICY!  We do not issue refunds once you are accepted to be an Old House Vintage Market Vendor!

Why?  Because we are asking for a commitment from you as we are committing to you- as soon as you apply, we immediately get to work on your involvement in our market!  When you cancel, we have to wipe your presence clean from every part of our presence online and in the real world.  This takes a lot of time, energy, effort and money to do so. We DO NOT issue refunds.

What does my Market Space Fee go towards?

When you pay your market space fee, and commit to The Old House Vintage Market, we are off and running!

We use our PR Guru and Social Media Managers to market you to our Facebook, Instagram and website communities.  We market your participation by way of news print, online advertising, social media, our website, email subscribers, postcards which are sent throughout three states and press releases to established and recognized media sources.  We use our formidable networking group we have built to spread the word and sing your praises.

When we are planning our market out, it is with our vendors in mind.  We take note of what our vendors needs are because we listen to each of you and we make adjustments every step of the way to create the best possible outcome: your success.

At every point in our process, in the weeks leading up to the market and on market day, we will be communicating with you in an ongoing and detailed oriented fashion- you will not be in the dark, we assure you.  If you have a question, we will always be accessible to you by email or a phone call.  If you have a need (my Square Card Reader won’t work! My customers said it’s too hot in the building), we will be there to help.

Your market space fee also goes towards the facility.  Our past facilities include The Ranch Event Complex in Loveland, CO, Parfet Park in Golden, CO and coming up: Clement Park in Littleton, CO.  They were picked for reasons that include: high traffic, visibility and exposure of our market, quality settings that promote, as opposed to, detract from the upscale look we strive for, comfort to our vendors and visitors and accessibility to our market.

The foundation of The Old House Vintage Market is our Vendors.  We would be nothing without them and are endlessly thankful for each one.

Why do I have to pay the Market Space Fee in order to submit my application?

We ask our potential Vendors to pay our Market Space Fee up front in order to gain a commitment.  We have found that when our Vendors are required to pay, as they are submitting their application, they have thought seriously about their attendance at our market and are committing to us as we are to each of our Vendors.

If you aren’t accepted to the market in which you applied, you will receive a full refund of your market space fee.

Do I have to submit pictures with my application?

Short answer: YES! You do have to submit pictures.

If you choose not to, your application will be deleted.

The Old House Vintage Market has become a high demand event with over 55 businesses on our previous wait lists.  Since our market is a carefully curated event where we are intent on creating a top notch show from serious creative businesses that have applied, we encourage you to show off your merchandise, your display skills and your overall market space set up.

This is your chance to sell yourself through your pictures to be competitive and create the best chance at being considered for The Old House Vintage Market!

Will I get a full refund if I am not accepted into the market for which I applied?

Yes!  If you are not accepted as a Vendor, you will receive a full refund of your market space fee by way of PayPal.

Why wasn't I accepted to The Old House Vintage Market for which I applied?

It is our job to pick the best mix of *serious* creative business vendors for each individual market.  We don’t accept every vendor that submitted an application. We also limit the types of vendors we will accept so that we can ensure that each vendor within our Antique, Vintage, Salvage, Upcycled/Repurposed, Handmade, Clothing and Artisan Foods categories can have the best chance at success.

We take care of our vendors and want to create the best chance possible for our vendors to have a show that they consider is a smashing success!

Other reasons for not being accepted:

  • The vendor applicant did not submit pictures with their application
  • The application was not complete or filled out in its entirety
  • The vendor applicant does not have a social media presence
  • The vendor applicant has violated past Old House Vintage Market rules
  • The vendor applicant has a reputation that has proceeded them from this or other markets that would be detrimental to the Old House Vintage Market.

Does The Old House Vintage Market take checks, partial payments or payment plans?

The Old House Vintage Market does not:

Accept checks- but you can pay, through PayPal (our only accepted form of payment) by way of your bank check card, a credit card or your own PayPal account.

Take partial payments/payment plans- a payment plan, we have found, does not work for us in regards to receiving payments on time, or at all.

**If full payment is not received at the time that a vendor’s application was submitted, the application will be deleted. **

Why doesn't The Old House Vintage Market give refunds or credits if I cancel or no show?

The Old House Vintage Market does not give refunds or credit towards future markets for these reasons:

After a Vendor has filled out the application, we ask that you read the terms of our agreement and check the box that you understand the money you paid was for the market you chose (not a future market) and that you are also making a commitment to The Old House Vintage Market in which you have signed up for, in an effort to combat Vendors opting for other markets over our own and cancelling on us or no showing.
Here’s why:
After committing to the market, by way of that application, we commit our hard work, energy, effort and our considerable skills sets into promoting you and your business.  We devote The Old House Vintage Market Team to creating press releases to newspapers, magazines, area news channels, we promote you on social media, event calendars, and any applicable websites, we attract Influencers, both online and local, we add you to our website with the included links…and so much more- which is why we were able to bring in as many shoppers as we do- all of which are in your demographic and ready to buy.
When a vendor decides to cancel/opt for another show- all of the above has to be changed/altered/deleted.
As for credit being applied to a future OHVM- once a vendor cancels on The OHVM and opts for another show or no shows, that vendor is not invited back and won’t be accepted again to any of our OHVM’s- which is why we make sure, before a potential Vendor signs up, that they are ready to commit to us like we are to them…because our market is truly something special to be a part of and together, us and our vendors, will create a first class experience for our shoppers.  

What kinds of businesses/merchandise does The Old House Vintage Market not accept?

Our short answer is this:

Anything that does not fall into the categories of antique, vintage, salvage, upcycled/repurposed, handmade, clothing or food.

Our long answer is this:

The Old House Vintage Market does not accept the following types of merchandise and/or businesses selling this type of merchandise:

  • Any Direct Sales or Multi-level Marketing Businesses
  • Any health related items, including but not limited to, vitamins, protein powders, smoothies or health shakes
  • Essential oils, make up, unless said Vendor is a verified and approved handmade beauty products seller
  • Any illegal drug related products/paraphernalia
  • Any type of marijuana related products/paraphernalia
  • Any type of pornography products real or implied
  • Actual or simulated gun and related products or live ammunition and explosives.
  • Any political related products/paraphernalia, real or implied

Have questions? Want to reach out?
Please feel free to email us for assistance.