The Spring Old House Vintage Market

Douglas County Fairgrounds, Castle Rock, Colorado

February 28 & 29, 2020

Friday Night Shopping Party  5pm – 9pm (exclusive ticketed event)
All Saturday Shopping  9am-4pm (general admission)

You’re Invited!

Join us at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, in the Event Center Building, for the Spring Old House Vintage Market!  We are creating a marketplace where you’ll be sure to find unique, on trend and in demand finds for your home, yourself and your life!
Don’t miss the best party in town: our Friday Night Shopping Party is a must attend event with market totes, warm coffee drinks, tasty bites and your own upbeat soundtrack to shop the night away!
Can’t make our shopping party?  Our All Saturday Shopping features a restocked full day of antique, vintage, salvage, upcycled and handmade merchandise ready and refreshed just for you!
Vintage Market Vendors
Vintage Market
Vintage Market

Frequent Market Questions

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What is The Old House Vintage Market?

The Old House Vintage Market is designed to feature artisans, makers, creators and curators exclusively selling one of a kind, antique, vintage, architectural salvage, upcycled and handcrafted items.

The Old House Vintage Market was created with the unique, small and micro business in mind with the ultimate goal of creating and nurturing the connection between these small businesses and their customers.

Do I need to purchase tickets?


Ticket prices are:

$16 online and $17 at the door each for our Friday Night Shopping Party (which will get you in on Saturday, as well)

$6 online and $7 at the door each for our All Saturday Shopping

Will my kids have to pay to get in?

Admission for kids 12 and under are free!

Will there be a wait or a line outside?

Expect some kind of a wait and possible lines if you choose to buy your ticket at the door.  If you have purchased tickets on line, we will help get you in the door as fast as possible!

If you want the good stuff, come early!

If you want to avoid crowds and lines, our Friday Night Shopping Party and Saturday afternoon shopping are your best bets!

Is there an ATM nearby?

If you need to get cash, there will be an ATM at The Old House Vintage Market.

What forms of payment can I use at The Old House Vintage Market?

Accepted forms of payment vary from vendor to vendor.  All vendors accept cash, a few will accept checks and the majority will be able to process credit and debit cards.  Most vendors will accept all types of credit cards- but some will not accept American Express.

Can I negotiate or barter with vendors?

As you shop through all the antique, vintage, salvaged, upcycled and handmade merchandise, you’ll notice price tags everywhere.  Prices will vary from vendor to vendor.  Some prices will be firm, while others might be negotiable.  It is ultimately up to the vendor as to what price they will accept and if they decide to stay firm on a price.

Here’s some good advice to follow:

  • Approach each vendor with respect when asking for a better price.  Our vendors have all worked incredibly hard to create and find the treasures they are bringing to the market and are passionate about their small business.
  • Start with “Do you have any room to negotiate on the price?” or “Would you be willing to go any lower on this price?”   If they do, they will say so and, if not, they will let you know.
  • Offer cash as opposed to paying by credit or with a check.  Remember: cash is king.
  • The most successful negotiations are achieved when everyone walks away from a win-win sale.

Here’s our advice on what NOT to do:

  • Using outdated, negative tactics such as insulting the item that is for sale or the Vendor, by saying, “This item isn’t worth this price” or “You won’t sell it for that price but I’ll give you XXX”  or  “I just saw that item over in another Vendor’s space for half this price” or point out everything that’s wrong with an item with the thought that if the Vendor is beat down enough they might just give it away for next to nothing.  The only thing a person using these outdated tactics will achieve is to lose the opportunity to buy anything from that Vendor EVER.  Worse case: that person using those tactics will get tossed out of that Vendor’s space.

If I need or want to leave The Old House Vintage Market, can I get back into the market?

Yes!  We will be giving you the cutest, most fashionable (soon to be on runways everywhere- obviously) Tyvek wristband that is handwashing proof.  We just ask that you wear it or present it when you come back to the market so we know you are a member of The Old House Vintage Market Squad and don’t tackle you to pay again.

Is The Old House Vintage Market a rain or shine event?

Yes!  The Old House Vintage Market is a rain, snow, sleet, freezing cold weather or shine event.  We will throw out some exceptions- in the slim chance that The Ranch Event complex is flattened by a random hurricane or a volcano erupts nearby, the show will go on otherwise.  Our vendors are dedicated and committed to bringing you the best in antique, vintage, salvage, upcycled and handmade merchandise and will be there.

Is the event indoors or outdoors?

We are an INDOOR market located in Castle Rock, Colorado, at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, in the Events Center Building.  You can also look for our Old House Vintage Market signs to lead you to our event!

Do I have to pay for parking?

Parking at the Douglas County Fairgrounds is FREE!

Will food be available?

The Bean Machine serving coffee, espresso based drinks, hot chocolate and tea. There are also restaurants nearby.

Douglas County Fairgrounds will also have the concessionaire open!

Bathrooms! Will there be bathrooms and where are they?

YES!  We will have our own restrooms just for The Old House Vintage Market! There are multiple nice, clean men’s and women’s restrooms with sinks, soap, paper towels and hand dryers… can you tell that we’ve dealt with many a Porta Potti in our time?!  We promise NO PORTA POTTIES!

Do I need to pay for my purchases at each market space?

Yes. Each market space is a separate business entity and, as you leave one market space and move on to another, it would be the equivalent of moving from one store, within a mall setting, to another store.

Will someone be available to help me move heavy items to my car?

Yes.  Individual vendors may be able to help move your item to a side door where you can then pull your vehicle into the temporary parking area.  We, The Old House Vintage Market Staff or the Vendor, can then help you get it into the car, if you cannot do it alone or with your own help.

How will I get my large or heavy purchase home? Will there be a delivery service?

Please plan on bringing a truck or large SUV to haul your finds home- most, if any, Vendors do not deliver to homes- though, you can always ask. Some might do it for a fee.  Your best plan to not count on delivery.

You can ask a Vendor if they can hold your purchase until you can make arrangements to transport your finds home- they might be able to help you.