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In The Making is our answer to all the conversations we had with you.

…the customer that wanted to make their hobby into a business, the entrepreneur just getting started with their business dreams and the small business owner that wanted to take their efforts to the next level- and we listened.

You told us of your struggles, you confided in us of the battles, big and small, personal and business related, that you were fighting everyday,  you let us know of what you were embarrassed to not know in your business life and in the development of who you are as a person daring greatly and you talked of the need for a community that understands who you are and this journey of yours.

…and out of those conversations, In The Making was created.

It’s your tribe, when you’re ready to be surrounded by like-minded individuals dreaming and daring for more. It’s a source of inspiration if you need a pick me up or to receive steady confirmation that, yes, you can do it. It’s a source of support for when you take that first or millionth step out of your comfort zone and into doing hard things and it’s your tactical plan for when you make the monumental decision to begin.

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