A Guide To The Old House Vintage Market: Our Handmade Vendors

When The Old House Vintage Market was in the beginning stages and our vision for this market was blossoming, we decided that we really wanted to include

the Makers.

Here’s why:  every handmade vendor we accepted to our market, had a common denominator.  This shared trait was that every person behind the brand was using vintage and, in some cases, down right antique skills in their craft.  We loved the thought of encouraging small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to be a champion of their craft and a historian in the heritage behind each stitch they placed, or the way they hand printed fabric, or the recipe they used to create soap or foraging for the ingredients to make old fashioned preserves.  When you start to think about what handmade is- from beginning to end every stage was filled with care,quality and love- by a maker’s own hands- even that concept could be considered antiquated.  So, let us consider these creators Handmade Heros and support them in their mission to never let these skills perish.

BuxieJo Bags

Kerrin Pogozelski of BuxieJo Bags is a maker of couture bags- she took one leather working class and fell in love with the antique skill set required with the pattern making, carefully placed stitches, and zen of getting to work with a material such as leather.  Each bag is a work of art and a study in quality and care.

Katharine Lee of Modern Gingham Preserves is a mad scientist when it comes to preserves.   She received her Ph.D. from Northwestern, fell in love with a British man (you gotta watch those Brits) met his family and fell in love with preserving or “putting up” food…and Modern Gingham Preserves was born.  Now, after being recognized by Martha Stewart and being carried in multiple stores in eight states…those preserves are something you do not want to miss.

Isabel Wagner of Isa Creations carefully collects gorgeous antique and vintage lace, doilies, handkerchiefs, quilts, table clothes, and many other textiles and repurposes these  linens into beautiful works of art.  Handkerchiefs become buntings, quilts become parts and pieces of Isabel’s new line of happy vintage camper throw pillows and wall art.  Her creativity is bottomless and her designs are ever evolving.

A Happy Canvas

Megan McReynolds of A Happy Canvas creates absolute joy for your walls.  Her bright and cheerful paintings beam rays of sunshine, in a beautiful combination of color and brush strokes, straight into your heart.  If you are in love with joyful color, I can’t wait for you to be introduced to the art of happiness on a canvas.

Barb McReynolds of Storytelling Strands, and mother to Megan, is an artist with jewelry and a storyteller with each piece she creates- each stone and natural material she works with comes with a story to tell and Barb found herself in a position of honor in molding those stories into grand pieces that could be worn.

Leslie Ezell Designs

Leslie Lafferty of Leslie Ezell Designs creates handmade suede belts that showcase spunky belt buckles full of colorful bits and pieces of jewelry and other objects in a collection that is art, in and of itself.

Scrap Happy Faith

Faith Espinoza of Scrap Happy Faith uses artful scraps of colorful fabrics with delightful patterns and makes the most darling little tutus, headbands, purses and buntings for kiddos.  Does she make tutus for adults?  I’m working on it and I’m also first in line…

Sarah Schwab of Billie, a bohemian themed clothing company brings comfort in an airy, natural, earthy style all their own.  It reminds me of the best summer vacations and takes me back to warmth and freedom that every good trip is based upon.

Erin Trumble of Sparkle & Stone, was encouraged , at a very young age to value the concept of handmade and showed a natural affinity for gems and stones- which translated into creating one of a kind jewelry with a heavy influence in objects found in nature by taking raw elements and transforming them into natural beauties.

Marissa Mason of Wandering Ink creates nature inspired apparel using super soft t-shirts that remind you of your favorite 25+year old vintage t-shirt. Marissa  screen prints her own original designs on your new favorite t-shirt and dares you to not want to go an adventure once you put one on.

dolce de leti 3

Leti Wesolowski of Dolce de Leti is a favorite among brides- I count myself as one of them. Her gorgeous freshwater pearls are to die for in an perfectly imperfect kind of beauty.  Her other jewelry?  Necklaces so colorful with stones and charms, they would compliment any outfit and lift any mood.

twin mind designs

Oliver Horvath of Twin Mind Designs upcycles reclaimed beetle kill pine and railroad spikes to create rustic signs, cup holders, bottle openers and shelves with hooks.  Each piece is unique- as are the materials with which Oliver works…and with each piece bought, you’ll know that what could have been consider trash, was instead preserved in a beautiful way to live again in your home.

Caitlin Pelayo of Frag Your Funk is a soap maker specializing in products that have less chemicals and better scents, ingredients and perks all geared towards the gamer, geek, or nerd in you.  You have to love when someone identifies that we all have at least one of those personalities inside us and that there are specialized products just for you.

TeLu Designs

Tara Gies of TeLu Designs is a wonderful mixture of old, primitive and repurposed.  Old windows are used as wall art, showcasing a wreath, old pieces of wood are used as a vase holders, painted furniture in bright, cheery colors and unique decor pieces round out a wonderful variety show of something for everybody.

Next up, The Old House Vintage Market antique and vintage vendors…





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