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As Hurricane Harvey wallows around in southern Texas and continues to pour ever more rain into an area that is already destroyed, The Old House Vintage Market has decided to roll out OHVMgives -a project born straight from our hearts in which we use The Old House Vintage Market as a conduit to do as much good as we can- because we can.

Our original intent was to choose a Colorado based charity in which to donate proceeds made through the tickets we sell. We were worried about helping a different state when we have needs here in our own, but as one Vendor told me, when I asked how Coloradoans might feel about donating to Texas, “It’s not a Colorado thing and it’s not a Texas thing- it’s a human thing” and we are all one disaster away from needing help ourselves.

So, The Old House Vintage Market is pledging that HALF of the price of our upcoming Holiday OHVM Friday Night Shopping Party tickets (regularly $16) will go towards the response, relief and recovery efforts needed as a result of Hurricane Harvey ravaging Texas- not just my home state, but that of some of our own Vendors, as well, and where our family and friends still reside.

We have set a goal of selling 1,250 Friday Night Shopping Party tickets which would mean we- all of us working together- would be able to donate $10,000 towards the response, relief and recovery efforts needed as a result of Hurricane Harvey….and we absolutely know, in our hearts, that we can do it.

When you buy your Friday Night Shopping Party ticket, the charge will be $16. $8 of the ticket price will go to our donation to Hurricane Harvey relief and recovery and the other $8 will go towards putting on our Friday Night Shopping Party event- a celebration of life and of our Visitors, Vendors and the OHVM Crew coming together to accomplish something truly amazing.  ❤️

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